Set out here are the questions that we are most frequently asked. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please get in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you have.

Is my umbrella weather proof?

We prefer to say our umbrellas are shower-proof, not because we are avoiding the question but simply as when woven fabric becomes totally saturated water will invariably find its way through. In order to claim to be totally weatherproof a product would either be waxed or fully waterproof coated. You can however, be assured that our umbrellas will provide you with a shower-proof covering should the weather be unpredictable during use.

Can my umbrella stay outside year-round?

We advise you to simply close and store your umbrella against the elements as being exposed year-round with stains from our bird life will eventually take their toll on your umbrella. Your umbrella can withstand the lighter elements once closed.

What size base will I need for my umbrella?

The heavier the base the better for either size umbrella. Better still would be to have a base where the pole can be screwed in for extra stability. If your umbrella is not set into a table, we recommend you using the heaviest base possible or as a general guideline choose 20kg for our 250cm diameter umbrella and 30kg for the 300cm diameter umbrella.

If I want to change my colour scheme and design in the future, can I just buy a replacement canopy but keep my current frame?

Yes absolutely! We can supply additional canopies at the time of ordering and can offer you a 20% discount off the second canopy in the same order. If preferred you can also simply buy at later date as a bespoke order.

How do I keep my canopy clean? Can it go into the washing machine or dry clean?

We don’t recommend dry cleaning or washing machine cleaning, the best way is to use a nail brush to remove any exterior bird droppings and a gentle wipe over with diluted washing detergent solution.

Will the pulley mechanism go rusty?

The mechanism is stainless steel so unlikely to rust.

Is there any maintenance I should do before packing my umbrella way for winter?

It is suggested that you clean the umbrella canopy to remove dirt and marks and store away only once fully dry. Should you require, the canopy can be removed from the frame for cleaning and separate storage. Simply unscrew the finial, slipping the struts out of the canopy pockets and slide the canvas free from the frame.

Is there any guarantee or warranty with your products?

We will always address any faults or damage to your product when first received. Please refer to our terms and conditions page.

Can I get a copy of your brochure posted to me?

To save trees we don’t provide printed brochures, but simply click the link here to download or flick through online. (link)

Where can I see your umbrellas on display?

From time to time, we attend shows and events so do sign up to our Newsletter (link), follow us on Instagram @titanialiving, take a look at our events page or drop us a line to see when we are near you next. We are delighted from March 2023 to have a selection of our umbrellas on display at Burford Garden Company, Shilton Road, Burford, Oxon. OX18 4PA. 

Do you rent as well as sell your umbrellas?

We don’t provide rental products I’m afraid. However, we are open to collaborations (link)

Are you able to send Internationally?

Absolutely, please drop us a line and we will advise you of shipping costs in advance.

How sustainable are your umbrellas?

By supporting small artisan producers in India, we are creating opportunities for employment, whilst sustaining heritage crafts and providing rural livelihoods. Our hardwood frames are all FSC. We proudly support The Woodland Trust by donating towards tree planting for each umbrella we sell. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/

How long will my umbrella last?

With good care you should enjoy many seasons of sunshine with our umbrellas.


 How do I assemble and care for my umbrella?                                           


Always use in conjunction with a suitable umbrella base, even when using with an outdoor table or other furniture. We recommend a 25kg base, minimum.

Whilst care is taken in packing your umbrella, when pulling the canopy open, please do ensure that the pulley rope is not twisted around the struts as a tug on a twisted rope may break a strut.



  • The canopy can be cleaned on the frame or, if preferred, removed from the frame by unscrewing the finial at the top and pulling the spokes from the canopy pockets.
  • Brush off any loose dirt with a dry cloth or brush.
  • Hand wash in warm water; wipe down with a sponge or scrub with a brush using a gentle detergent.
  • Do not use hard detergents or bleach.



  • Do not leave the umbrella outside for prolonged periods in adverse weather conditions and do not leave outside over the Winter.
  • For extra protection, you may wish to store the removable canopy indoors over the Winter. Remove by unscrewing the finial and removing the struts from the canopy pockets.
  • When storing away, ensure that the canopy is completely dry.